Need help with a skill or strategy.  To book a mentoring session, sign up here.  You will be contacted to arrange a time with one of our mentors.     

All members are invited to be involved in mentoring lower level player(s). Please contact Marilyn Tamblyn to put your name on the list of mentors.  

Mentoring would at your convenience.  If this interests you, indicate the level you would like to mentor: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0+.  Frequency would be up to you.  If mentoring during round robin play you would report to the RR captain and let them know that you are in a mentoring session. 

  • Contact:  Marilyn Tamblyn -    
  • Mentors: 
    •  Beginners - Michael Taenzer
    •  2.5 - Roberta Hormes; Rita Taenzer;
    •  3.0 Janice Clary; Roberta Hormes; Karen Heinrichs
    •  3.5  Marilyn Tamblyn; Mark Tamblyn; Terry Iceton
    •  3.5T Ladies - Sue Hatfield 
    •  3.75 players transitioning to 4.0 - Rob Taylor
    •  4.0 or 4.5 - Phil Soo (when available).
    •  Youth - Gary Geirlich
    •  Wherever needed:  Mike Carter; James McAdam; Rick Felker ;    Gwen Bathgate; Kim Coleman