Court Host SIGN-UP


All drop-in members are encouraged to sign up at least twice per season so that the work is distributed amongst all.

Court Host Coordinator:  Linda McCracken Home: 250-496-4166 Cell: 250-462-3555.
Assistant:  Terri Draude 250-488-0309.

Click to see Court Host Checklist
  • If it is raining continuously then you don't need to turn up at the courts. E-mail the Court Host Coordinator to let them know you aren't going to the courts.  
  • If it has rained but doesn't look like it will rain again, turn up at the courts and get out the water removal equipment for members to use.
  • If it starts raining after you have turned up and it looks like it will continue to rain, lock the bin and you can leave.  E-mail the Court Host Coordinator to let them know that you have left.
  • If you don't know if you should stay or go, e-mail the court host coordinator or phone a member of the Executive (numbers in back of green drop-in binder in storage bin).