PPC Call for Nominations

The Penticton Pickleball Club will be hosting their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 11th at 7:00 pm at the Senior Drop In Centre (bingo room).

There are six (6) positions available for nomination and election to the board (four executive officers and two directors).  All of the positions are open to any Penticton Pickleball Club member.  Please contact Gary Gierlich at gcgierlich@gmail.com or Jack Bumby at jcbumby@shaw.ca if you wish to run for any of these positions.  Applications should be received no later than September 27, 2017.  Nominations may also be made from the floor.

Responsibilities of all Board positions:
- attend Executive meetings
- contribute to various committees and jobs for the period of one year.

For further information including a detailed job description for each position, please go to www.pentictonpickleball.blogspot.com and visit the "contact us" page.

2018 PPC Board of Directors

Vice President

Director 1:  (PPC Programs)
Director 2:  (Membership)


Good luck to PPC members Gary, Gwen and Susan

Gwen Bathgate, co-captain of the 3.5 RR group, is in the Coeur d'Alene Classic PB tournament this week. Her women's partner is Susan Hatfield.  Susan is also pairing with Gary Geirlich in the 3.5 Mixed Doubles.

We wish all 3 of you fun, and hopefully a medal or two!    You can catch their results at Pickleballtournaments.com. starting on August 17th.  


Community Gaming Grant

Unfortunately the PPC did not receive the $20,000.00 Gaming Grant that we applied for.  Thanks to Angela for her diligence in putting the paperwork together for this. C'est la vie! 


Thanks to the July court hosts!!

Our appreciation to the following members who gave their time to court host in July:

Carolyn King
Joanne Sampson
Terri Draude (3)
Charlene Bender
Janelle Nunn (4)
Graham Perrie
Cathy Fouchard
Evelyn Stafford (2)
Roberta Hormes
Angela Sielmann (2)
Theresa Maktaak (2)
Nell Hinchey
Joe Fouchard
Teresa Craig
Debbie Wagar (2)
Hugh Richter
Tony Orthodoxou (2)
Rosie Brooks
Wendy Wurflinger

You are awesome!!