Rating clinic skills assessment 3.5. A summary of the process.

Brooke works with some of the 3/5/ 4.0's on the
skill section of the rating assessment.
The Rating Assessment run by the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professionals Association) consists of three parts.  Part 1 is skill assessment.  Part 2 consists of a modified game where you are evaluated on your ability to do a third shot drop and Part 3 is an assessment of your skills in a game situation.  We only did Part 3 in our recent rating clinic.  To do a full rating assessment you would first do Part 1.  If you passed this then you move to part 2.  If you pass that you move to Part 3.  At any time if you fail you are out for that rating session.   If you are a 3.5 and want to work on your skills, here is the list from Section 1.
  1. windshield wiper dinks (14 out of 20) Note if you don't pass this in the actual test you are out and go home.
  2. 3rd shot drop from transition area backhand cross court (6/10) You get the picture, if you don't do this you are out.
  3. 3rd shot drop from transition area forehand down the line (ball lands in NVZ). (6/10)
  4. 3rd shot drop from transition area Forehand cross court (ball lands in NVZ). (6/10)
  5. 3rd shot drop from baseline - forehand (ball lands in NVZ) (6/10)
  6. punch volley forehand (with control and depth) (7/10)
  7. punch volley backhand (with control and depth) (7/10)
  8. Block volley forehand (drop the ball in the NVZ)(7/10)
  9. Block volley backhand (drop the ball in the NVZ)(7/10)
  10. Overheads  (3/5)
  11. Lobs from the NVZ line.  (3/5)
  12. Serves from deuce court (4/5)
  13. Serves from ad court (4/5)
  14. Return of serves forehand (4/5)
  15. Return of serves backhand (4/5)
If you successfully did all of these skills you would move onto Part 2: A modified game using the third shot drop. 

If you want to work on your skills and need a mentor to help you, book one under the Mentoring tab at the top of the website and cite "Skills test 3.5).   The skills tests are also available for other levels.