Court Hosts Needed

Court Hosts are needed for Drop In next week. Please sign up now.

If you play Drop In and have not yet been a Court Host, then please join Coordinator Debbie Wagar for a short Court Host Orientation on Wednesday, July 26 at 8am. 

Every Drop In session requires a Court Host. If there is no Court Host then Drop In will be cancelled for that day.   


Footwork at the kitchen line

View this to see how it aligns with what you've been told about footwork at the NVL. 

How to Defend Against Lobbing Opponents

  1. "Pick a fast partner.
  2. If the wind is very fast, try to keep it at your back because it will make their lobs sit in the air and help you hit an overhead shot.
  3. If both players are lobbing and you are losing a lot of points then when your opponent takes his eyes off of you to watch the ball; take two or three steps back and hit an overhead. If a ball should go over your head watch and see how your opponent strokes the ball so you can anticipate how the ball will bounce so you can catch up to it. If your opponent strokes the ball from low to high then you must run about three steps past where the ball bounces because it will jump away from you and cause an error.
  4. If only one opponent is lobbing then hit to the one that is not lobbing.
  5. If both opponents are lobbing good then check and see if they only lob from their forehand side. If they do, then keep the ball to their backhand.
  6. If you see your opponent drops the face of their paddle and is pointing it towards the ground then it should warn you that he is about to lob.
  7. Make a book on your opponents and try to figure out where and when they like lob so can have a jump on the ball and not be surprised.
  8. When the ball is lobbed over your head use my best shot which is calling out “yours” to my partner to go back at an angle and return it. After I yell "yours" then I should slide over sideways and switch sides of the court."
source:  Pickleball Coach


Paddles for sale

Paddletek "Element" paddles are on sale now until August 1st for $97.00 includes all taxes and shipping.  A savings of $15.  

Also for sale the new Paddletek Elongated paddles, 'Helo' $140. and 'Horizon' $130.

email:  mmballet@hotmail.com or text: 250-490-5241


Thanks to Hugh, Roberta, and Theresa

Once again our members have stepped up to make a situation better than they found it.  Thanks to Roberta Hormes who spearheaded a garbage pail clean up, to Theresa who helped her dispose of the garbage, and to Hugh for bringing a recycling bin to the courts.   We really appreciate it.  

Please do your part to help them keep the PB court area clean.  There is a bin at the back of the drop in centre if you would like to help out by emptying the garbage can every so often.


Christina Lake PB Tournament Results

Congratulations to Dave Hobbs who won a silver medal in 4.0 Men's Doubles.  Also, congratulations to James McAdam who won Gold in 3.0.  


PPC Member Yas Athukorala playing at 2017 Nationals in Kelowna

Yas (wearing hat).  This is game 2.  Game 1 is also on you-tube.  

Other news coverage:  If you happened to watch Global News last night (Monday) you may have caught a glimpse of Kim Kopp sampling a pickle from a jar offered by the Global News Reporter.  


Brandon's "Goodbye" Get Together

If you a member of the PPC and know Brandon, then you are invited to an informal get-together at the Bumby house on Friday July 14th (after Mixed Doubles).  Brandon is moving to Kamloops but has promised to visit us for an occasional game.  

695 Pineview Rd  (Pineview Estates). House number 110.

Approximately 7:00 PM or 7:30 PM Friday the 14th -- after Mixed Doubles

Bring a snack.  We will have a card for all to sign.

See you there!  

Hosts:  Jack and Leslie Bumby


Congratulations to PPC Gold Medalists

Congratulations to Laura Tamblyn and Greg Machtaler who won gold in 3.0 Mixed Doubles at the Kelowna Nationals on Saturday, July 8th.


Thanks to our Court Operations Chairman: Terry Iceton

Terry taking a break from his work
around the courts (2017).
You'll notice a new addition to the courts when you go from one court to another -- the gate dividers.  These are thanks to Terry Iceton, our hardworking court operations chairman.



Thanks to all of the June court hosts.

On behalf of all of the players who play in drop-in thank you so much for your gift of time.

Debbie Wagar (3)
Angela Sielmann
Carolyn King (2)
Mike Carter (2)
Joanne Sampson
Janelle Nunn (4)
Linda Furer
Linda McCracken (3)
Bob Beatty
Cathy Fouchard
Flo Dyck
Ernest Treichel (2)
Terri Draude (3)
Carole Davies
Tom Lawrence
Graham Perrie
Nell Hinchey

If you play in drop in and haven't yet had the chance to court host, please sign up.  Debbie Wagar, the court host coordinator, will be there to make sure you know what to do.

Happy Canada Day.

Janice Manders celebrates Canada Day in style.
We are very fortunate to have so many volunteers in the Penticton Pickleball Club.   Janice is captain of the 4.5 Mixed Tournament group and the 4.0/4.5 Ladies Tournament Group. Janice brings a ton of enthusiasm to the groups she captains. Watch her next weekend at the Canadian Nationals in Kelowna.


West Kelowna Scott Moore clinic

There are still some openings in a Scott Moore intermediate clinic in West Kelowna.  The clinician is Scott Moore.  Click here to get a pdf of his clinic details.   The clinic is on July 5th.


Rating clinic skills assessment 3.5. A summary of the process.

Brooke works with some of the 3/5/ 4.0's on the
skill section of the rating assessment.
The Rating Assessment run by the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professionals Association) consists of three parts.  Part 1 is skill assessment.  Part 2 consists of a modified game where you are evaluated on your ability to do a third shot drop and Part 3 is an assessment of your skills in a game situation.  We only did Part 3 in our recent rating clinic.  To do a full rating assessment you would first do Part 1.  If you passed this then you move to part 2.  If you pass that you move to Part 3.  At any time if you fail you are out for that rating session.   If you are a 3.5 and want to work on your skills, here is the list from Section 1.
  1. windshield wiper dinks (14 out of 20) Note if you don't pass this in the actual test you are out and go home.
  2. 3rd shot drop from transition area backhand cross court (6/10) You get the picture, if you don't do this you are out.
  3. 3rd shot drop from transition area forehand down the line (ball lands in NVZ). (6/10)
  4. 3rd shot drop from transition area Forehand cross court (ball lands in NVZ). (6/10)
  5. 3rd shot drop from baseline - forehand (ball lands in NVZ) (6/10)
  6. punch volley forehand (with control and depth) (7/10)
  7. punch volley backhand (with control and depth) (7/10)
  8. Block volley forehand (drop the ball in the NVZ)(7/10)
  9. Block volley backhand (drop the ball in the NVZ)(7/10)
  10. Overheads  (3/5)
  11. Lobs from the NVZ line.  (3/5)
  12. Serves from deuce court (4/5)
  13. Serves from ad court (4/5)
  14. Return of serves forehand (4/5)
  15. Return of serves backhand (4/5)
If you successfully did all of these skills you would move onto Part 2: A modified game using the third shot drop. 

If you want to work on your skills and need a mentor to help you, book one under the Mentoring tab at the top of the website and cite "Skills test 3.5).   The skills tests are also available for other levels.