Highlights of the June 23rd, 2017 PPC Executive Meeting

These are some items of interest to the general membership:

1.  During drop-in, the winning points will remain at 11 regardless of how many players are waiting to play.

2.  Club members may reserve a court for a private clinic by following the Book-a-court guidelines.

3.  If a player has a current Kelowna club rating they will be assigned the same rating by the Penticton Pickleball Club.

4. Don Jeffery and Pat Lawrence were appointed to the PPC Board.  Don was appointed as the new Vice-President of the PPC Board and Pat was appointed to the Director 1 position.  

5.  The club will sell their inventory of Onix Pure 2 pickleballs to Club members at a price point of $3.33/ each or 3 for $10.00. Mark and Kim will be the contacts for the sale of these pickleballs.

6.  Terry Iceton is working with the City to finalize the installation of windscreens and a source of drinkable water.


Buy/Sell Used Equipment

E-mail blast:
The PPC Board has decided to implement a new procedure for members to sell used pickleball equipment using the Penticton Pickleball Club bulletin boards located at the courts. 

If you have a used piece of equipment(s) you wish to sell, you can now post your ad on the PPC Bulletin Boards.  Please contact Evelyn Stafford (estafford10@gmail.com) with a description, price and contact information and Evelyn will post your ad on the bulletin board. Please remember to let her know when you would like the ad cancelled.

If you are looking to buy and/or sell used pickleball equipment look at our club bulletin board at the courts. If you are looking to purchase new equipment please go the the Penticton Pickleball Club Blogspot and look under the "equipment" section.


Intermediate strategy advice: Controlling Depth

"Practice controlling the depth of your shots next time you practice or play. 
Hitting deep is highly effective on serves as well as serve returns. But did you ever think to hit the ball "deep" to the kitchen line when you and your opponents are dinking back and forth? Think about the depth of your dinks to pull your opponent in closer and hit one deeper to push them back. Be intentional about it!
If you want to improve, you MUST learn to vary the depth of your shots to make it more difficult for your opponent to track and receive the ball well. While you cannot hit every ball toward the baseline, you should be thinking about hitting deep toward your opponent in relation to their position on the court. Deep shots most often land near your opponent's feet and can help prevent them from moving forward. Sometimes a short drop shot will open up as a result of pushing your opponent deep or vice versa." 
Source: DJ, Pickleball Forum



We have had a few requests from wheelchair users to make sure our vehicles don't extend over the sidewalk.  PLEASE HELP THEM OUT.


Drop Volleys

For advanced players.   

Note:  Joe calls this a "drop shot" whereas it is more commonly known as a "drop volley".

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 302 - Two Great Misdirection Shots

This is for advanced players.


How to defeat a banger - a few tips

1.  Push them back.  Try the following combo:
  • deep return of serve
  • neutralizing volley (deep)
  • drop volley (short)
2.  Don't hit out balls.  They'll wind up and hit them hard, so learn when to step out of the way and let the ball go out.  

These tips from Mark Renneson, Third Shot Sports in his live feed on the Pickleball Forum.


Advice for playing against over 70+s

This is a bit of advice from Third Shot Sports with regard to playing against 70+'s (or less agile players).
  1. play side to side angles
  2. up/back lob (bring them forward then send them back).
  3. lob followed by drive to feet