Serving Yips

Post from Sarah Ansboury:

"I have seen many cases of the ball shooting in one direction or another.  At times, it may land in the middle of the net.  The next shot nearly sails over the fence.  It lands in the neighboring court on the left, then the right.  Frankly, for those that have had the serving yips, they don’t have any idea where the next ball will land.
As always we want to be aware of where our paddle starts and finishes. So the very first thing to check, if this happens to you, is your finish position.  Regardless of your level of embarrassment or frustration, hold your finish position and analyze where it is.  Your paddle should be extended flat toward our target.
  • You want to swing from your shoulder, not your wrist, not our elbow;
  • You want to extend out away from your body…to often we become cramped, too close to our body;
  • You want to be fairly upright so your hips and shoulders can naturally rotate into the shot.

Your goal is to allow your body to move effortlessly. Allow your body to turn naturally.  Increase your range of motion."


O2COOL water bottle

Janice Manders brought this water bottle/mister to one of the ladies sessions. Cool idea!!  

ArcticSqueeze Insulated Mist 'N Sip Squeeze Bottle 20-Ounce

Price:  CDN $16.77 Amazon.ca

  • 20-Ounce capacity
  • 2-in-1, Mist 'N Sip function
  • Double wall insulation keep beverages colder, longer
  • Flexible, easy to squeeze bottle
  • Built in carry loop for easy transport

    4.5 out of 5 s


Backing off the line when under attack

Some Penticton players were having a discussion the other day about when it is okay to back off the line. Watch this 19+ gold Minto Open match which will give you some idea.


Stratus paddles for sale

Paddletek "stratus" paddles on sale. Retail for $112. On sale for $95.

New stock of Onyx pure outdoor balls arriving soon. 

Text Roberta 250-490-5241 or email: mmballet@hotmail.com 


Want to buy a Onix Pure 2 ball?

There is a local supplier of this ball.

TOP outdoor balls or Onyx pure 2 balls $4.50/each

Also:  Paddletek paddles made in the USA, from $110.&UP. Apex Pinnacle  $65. Made in Vernon B.C.

Roberta Meakin ph. 250-490-5241 or email: mmballet@hotmail.com 


Founding Members of Penticton Pickleball Club

Another season is upon us and this is a good time to recognize the founding members of the Penticton Pickleball Club (the organization that took over from the Penticton Pickleball Association, (headed by Jack Byron).  Jack, as most of you know, is a PPC Honorary Lifetime Member.

Here is the attendance sheet from the first meeting way back in June of 2015 (in no particular order).

Janice Clary, Tom Lecki, Dave Langen, Dennis Hoffart,Terry Ingles, Robert Taylor, Marty Lewis, Terry Iceton, Karen Heinrichs, Michael Wood, Jan Marsden, Kim Hun Kopp, Marilyn Tamblyn, Mark Tamblyn, Pat Meyer, Rick Felker, Mark Siemens, Carol Siemens, Wendy Strachan, Kim Coleman, Vern Benedictson, Gail Benedictson, Gord McKay, Mark Fynn, Roberta Meakin.

Thanks to all of you for donating your time and/or seed money to get the PPC started.