Article in Castanet Oct. 18th.

"Less than two years after Penticton’s first pickleball courts opened, the sport’s local association appears to be outgrowing the facility.
Penticton Pickleball president Mark Tamblyn visited city council Tuesday to ask for four more courts to be installed at the Penticton Seniors Drop-In Centre.
Just 16 people can play on the current courts at one time. With 185 club members, Tamblyn says they often have over 30 people waiting to play during morning drop-in.
The first set of courts cost about $110,000 to build, and the club has already raised about $50,000. (s/b $20,000.00). The city is being asked to allocate up to $70,000 for the project. However, Tamblyn says they expect the city won’t have to chip in that much.
“Where we are right now, we cannot go forward with any funding, until we get that space allocated,” he said, adding the group has approached the province for a gaming grant, “they have said though, you have to have a site for 10 years, if you do there is possibly another $40-$50,000.”
Tamblyn said they have support from the local horseshoe club to place the courts where five underused horseshoe pitches currently sit. He also relayed a request from the seniors centre, asking for more parking for the whole area.
Staff with the City of Penticton will be meeting with the pickleball association in the coming weeks to examine the proposal."


Oct. 17 Penticton City Council Meeting

The PPC presentation was well received by City Council.  The Infrastructure department has asked for a copy of the site plan used in the presentation. Once the City allocates an area within the Drop-In centre property for our additional courts and seating area, we can apply for a tax free contribution number and approach local businesses and clubs for donations.  


Pickleball Player Rules Test

This 50 question test is for players.  There is a separate rules test for referees.


AGM Minutes October 22, 2017

Held Wednesday, October 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm at
South Main Drop in Centre, 2965 South Main Street, Penticton, BC

Call to order
Chairman Mark Tamblyn called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. A quorum was confirmed. There were 36 members signed in.

President’s Report Mark Tamblyn
  1. Mark reported the second year of Club operations was a success, with full attendance in the Drop In and Round Robin programs.
  2. The objective to construct additional courts continues to be in the forefront and developing a site plan for inclusion to the Recreation Master Plan is the immediate goal. All stakeholders (e.g. Senior’s Centre, Bocce Club, Horseshoe Club) have agreed upon the site plan and are supportive of the pickleball club building 4 more courts on the site.  A Powerpoint presentation will be shown to Penticton Council on October 17th. Mark encouraged the members present to attend in support. A membership and corporate donation drive for the construction of new courts will commence in the 2018 season once the city approves an area to build the courts.
  3. The balance in the “internally restricted fund” for the purpose of constructing new courts is approximately $20,000 and will continue to grow from donations and membership fees.
  4. Ratings Clinics were held this year for the higher level players. The Club will accept self-rating for the 3.0 and 3.5 level players at this time.
  5. The PPC will encourage more association with other Clubs, e.g. West Kelowna and Summerland, in the 2018 season to promote cooperative activities. 

A MOTION was put forward by Angela Sielmann to accept the AGM Minutes of October 5, 2016 as written - CARRIED.

Treasurer’s Report
Kim Coleman presented the Financial Report to the membership (a copy is on file).

Special Resolution
Election of New Executive and Directors
The following Directors were elected by acclamation:
  • President/ Chairman - Mark Tamblyn
  • Vice-President/ Vice-Chair - Dick Ducholke
  • Treasurer - Kim Coleman
  • Secretary - Angela Sielmann
  • Director (1) (Finances)  - Don Jeffery
  • Director (2) (Membership) - Janice Clary
Dick Ducholke put forward a MOTION, seconded by Angela Sielmann that the annual PPC membership fee remain at $75.00 per member for the 2018 season CARRIED (unanimous).

Suggested Program Changes 2018 Mark Tamblyn (Program Chair)
  •   The Round Robin program will continue as the 2017 season with the exception of Fridays - 3.0 RR will become 3.0-3.5 level with a 45 to 60 minute drill session.
  •   Wednesdays will continue with the present 3.5 level format but members must pick Wednesday or Friday RR. If space is available on Sunday night both times will be opened.
  •   Friday night will be changed to “team” play (instead of couples) and Wednesdays will have “social” couples RR on two courts.
  •   The Program Chair noted suggestions from the floor regarding the Drop In program for 2018.
  •   Monday and Thursday evenings will be 4.5 level with two courts run by Janice Manders.
  •   Saturday morning may become Mens 3.75 level and up tournament players drills and play.
Other Business
  1. Mark Tamblyn reviewed the Appointments Schedule and two (2) members from the floor volunteered to be added to the areas that were vacant:
    •   Mike Carter (Chair) REFEREE COMMITTEE
    •   Sheila Ducholke (Chair) SOCIAL COMMITTEE
    •   Linda McCracken added Terri Draude to COURT HOST COORDINATOR as a shared position
  2. Dick Ducholke recommended the Club have a “suggestion box” set up at the courts for members to use for comments and/or suggestions on Club operations. The comments would be anonymous. He will set this up next year.
  3. Linda Curle won the “free membership” raffle.
  4. Other comments/ suggestions from the floor pertained to shading on the new courts, installing double- sided benches to view both courts, windscreens (ready to be installed), water fountain (approved by the City), Dry Fit t-shirts with the PPC logo [20 members indicated interest] and there is a proposal that pickleball be added as an Olympic sport by 2024. 
Spring General Meeting
The next General Meeting will be held on April 26, 2018 @ 7:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 pm.
Submitted by Angela Sielmann PPC Secretary October 12, 2017 


Presentation to City Council with regard to Site Plan for new courts

We are on the agenda for October 17th at 1:00 PM at City Hall.  Our goal is to get the priority for building pickleball courts raised from MEDIUM to HIGH in the City's Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  Once the City is committed to planning PB courts on the site, we can move forward with fundraising (most grants require a permanent site to be identified in the grant proposal).  In addition we will be asking for a $ commitment from the City.


Highlights of Sept. 28/17 Executive Meeting

1.  Mark informed the executive that the plan to build additional courts cannot proceed until the City of Penticton has made an official site plan of the land area west of the existing pickleball courts.  Mark will continue to work with Drop In Centre stakeholders to develop a suggested site plan and will present it to City Council on October 17th at 1:00 PM.

2.  The AGM for the Penticton Pickleball Club will be held on October 11th, 2017.  Members may sign up for next year's membership at the registration table set up for that purpose.  The nominating committee is still accepting nominations for the 2018 Executive.  (access nomination process listed on link at the right of this post).  

3.  The Treasurers Report was presented by Kim:
                  Chequing account                                 $                  7,871.30
                  Petty Cash                                             $                       19.70
                  Cash on Hand                                        $                  7,891.00
                  Internally Restricted Fund                     $                13,528.98
                  Grant Account                                       $                        99.67

A motion was passed to transfer $5,800.00 from the checking account to the Internally Restricted Fund.  The monies in this fund will be used for the sole purpose of constructing an additional 4 - 6 pickleball courts.

 4.    An amount of $200.00 was donated to the Penticton Seniors' Drop in Centre.  This donation is to show our appreciation for the occasional use of their facilities by our Pickleball club.  

5.  Kim will follow up with the bank on using e-transfers to pay for membership fees in addition to the existing method of paying by cheque.             


Highlights of August 31st Executive Meeting

1.  Mark is continuing discussions with the City of Penticton with regard to the building of 4-6 additional courts.

2.  The Board has decided not to form into a Society. An account will be opened through the City of Penticton to collect donations for the Club toward the construction of the 4-6 courts.

3.  The Board recommends that the fees for the 2018 season remain at $75.00.  This is broken down into:

  1. $35.00 internally restricted fund (for future court building)
  2. $14.00 court rental fee (paid to the Recreation Dept.)
  3. $10.00 court expenses (maintenance, materials)
  4. $10.00 admin expenses
  5. $5.00 liability insurance
  6. $1.00 equipment (pickle balls)
4.  There is $7,971.72 in the checking account; $126.00 in the petty cash; and $13,530.91 in the internally restricted fund. The Treasurer anticipates transferring a sum of money from the checking account to the internally restricted fund prior to the end of the year.  

5.  The Membership committee is exploring ways to electronically receive membership dues for the coming year.  There will be a table at the AGM on Oct. 11th to collect membership renewals.

6.  Due to the volume of participation during drop in play, a motion was passed to reduce the game totals to 9 instead of 11 when 4 or more teams are waiting to play.

7.  Debbie Wagar will take over the Program Registrar role next season.  Marilyn will continue to run the blog.  

8.  Most of the 3.75 and 4.0 level were club rated this year.  The membership will be surveyed at the AGM to see if they want the 3.0 and 3.5 level to be club rated or to continue with self rating.  


Highlights of the July 24th Executive Meeting

1.  The PPC is exploring the possibility of becoming a Society.  The reason for this is to handle donations contributed toward the new courts.  An alternative to this would be for the City to open an account on PPC's behalf for the purpose of issuing tax receipts.   

2.  The PPC treasurer reported that we have $11,465.85 in the Contingency Fund and $9,492.15 on hand.  

3.  A motion was passed to approve a $500.00 provision for expenses toward social club activities in the 2018 budget.

4.  Members are asked to step forward to form a committee to run a Club tournament in September.  Please contact Mark Tamblyn if you are interested in working on or chairing this committee.  

5.  Thirty-three members took part in the Rating Clinic.  Another clinic is scheduled for the Fall.

6.  The fees that the PPC pays to the City of Penticton for court rental will increase from $10.00 per member to $14.00 per member in the 2018 season.

7.  A request has been forwarded to the City of Penticton to power wash the courts.


How to Defend Against Lobbing Opponents

  1. "Pick a fast partner.
  2. If the wind is very fast, try to keep it at your back because it will make their lobs sit in the air and help you hit an overhead shot.
  3. If both players are lobbing and you are losing a lot of points then when your opponent takes his eyes off of you to watch the ball; take two or three steps back and hit an overhead. If a ball should go over your head watch and see how your opponent strokes the ball so you can anticipate how the ball will bounce so you can catch up to it. If your opponent strokes the ball from low to high then you must run about three steps past where the ball bounces because it will jump away from you and cause an error.
  4. If only one opponent is lobbing then hit to the one that is not lobbing.
  5. If both opponents are lobbing good then check and see if they only lob from their forehand side. If they do, then keep the ball to their backhand.
  6. If you see your opponent drops the face of their paddle and is pointing it towards the ground then it should warn you that he is about to lob.
  7. Make a book on your opponents and try to figure out where and when they like lob so can have a jump on the ball and not be surprised.
  8. When the ball is lobbed over your head use my best shot which is calling out “yours” to my partner to go back at an angle and return it. After I yell "yours" then I should slide over sideways and switch sides of the court."
source:  Pickleball Coach


Paddles for sale

Paddletek paddles are available from Roberta Meakin.  

email:  mmballet@hotmail.com or text: 250-490-5241


Highlights of the June 23rd, 2017 PPC Executive Meeting

These are some items of interest to the general membership:

1.  During drop-in, the winning points will remain at 11 regardless of how many players are waiting to play.

2.  Club members may reserve a court for a private clinic by following the Reserve-a-court guidelines.

3.  If a player has a current Kelowna club rating they will be assigned the same rating by the Penticton Pickleball Club.

4. Don Jeffery and Pat Lawrence were appointed to the PPC Board.  Don was appointed as the new Vice-President of the PPC Board and Pat was appointed to the Director 1 position.  

5.  The club will sell their inventory of Onix Pure 2 pickleballs to Club members at a price point of $3.33/ each or 3 for $10.00. Mark and Kim will be the contacts for the sale of these pickleballs.

6.  Terry Iceton is working with the City to finalize the installation of windscreens and a source of drinkable water.


Intermediate strategy advice: Controlling Depth

"Practice controlling the depth of your shots next time you practice or play. 
Hitting deep is highly effective on serves as well as serve returns. But did you ever think to hit the ball "deep" to the kitchen line when you and your opponents are dinking back and forth? Think about the depth of your dinks to pull your opponent in closer and hit one deeper to push them back. Be intentional about it!

If you want to improve, you MUST learn to vary the depth of your shots to make it more difficult for your opponent to track and receive the ball well. While you cannot hit every ball toward the baseline, you should be thinking about hitting deep toward your opponent in relation to their position on the court. Deep shots most often land near your opponent's feet and can help prevent them from moving forward. Sometimes a short drop shot will open up as a result of pushing your opponent deep or vice versa." 
Source: DJ, Pickleball Forum


How to defeat a banger - a few tips

1.  Push them back.  Try the following combo:
  • deep return of serve
  • neutralizing volley (deep)
  • drop volley (short)
2.  Don't hit out balls.  They'll wind up and hit them hard, so learn when to step out of the way and let the ball go out.  

These tips from Mark Renneson, Third Shot Sports in his live feed on the Pickleball Forum.


Advice for playing against over 70+s

This is a bit of advice from Third Shot Sports with regard to playing against 70+'s (or less agile players).
  1. play side to side angles
  2. up/back lob (bring them forward then send them back).
  3. lob followed by drive to feet


Serving Yips

Post from Sarah Ansboury:

"I have seen many cases of the ball shooting in one direction or another.  At times, it may land in the middle of the net.  The next shot nearly sails over the fence.  It lands in the neighboring court on the left, then the right.  Frankly, for those that have had the serving yips, they don’t have any idea where the next ball will land.
As always we want to be aware of where our paddle starts and finishes. So the very first thing to check, if this happens to you, is your finish position.  Regardless of your level of embarrassment or frustration, hold your finish position and analyze where it is.  Your paddle should be extended flat toward our target.
  • You want to swing from your shoulder, not your wrist, not our elbow;
  • You want to extend out away from your body…to often we become cramped, too close to our body;
  • You want to be fairly upright so your hips and shoulders can naturally rotate into the shot.

Your goal is to allow your body to move effortlessly. Allow your body to turn naturally.  Increase your range of motion."


Founding Members of Penticton Pickleball Club

Another season is upon us and this is a good time to recognize the founding members of the Penticton Pickleball Club (the organization that took over from the Penticton Pickleball Association, (headed by Jack Byron).  Jack, as most of you know, is a PPC Honorary Lifetime Member.

Here is the attendance sheet from the first meeting way back in June of 2015 (in no particular order).

Janice Clary, Tom Lecki, Dave Langen, Dennis Hoffart,Terry Ingles, Robert Taylor, Marty Lewis, Terry Iceton, Karen Heinrichs, Michael Wood, Jan Marsden, Kim Hun Kopp, Marilyn Tamblyn, Mark Tamblyn, Pat Meyer, Rick Felker, Mark Siemens, Carol Siemens, Wendy Strachan, Kim Coleman, Vern Benedictson, Gail Benedictson, Gord McKay, Mark Fynn, Roberta Meakin.

Thanks to all of you for donating your time and/or seed money to get the PPC started.


April 26, 2017 General Meeting Minutes

 Penticton Pickleball Club 
Held on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. There were 65 members present. A quorum was established.

2. PRESIDENT’S REPORT - Chairman Mark Tamblyn

  • Mark introduced the 2017 Board – Paul Trustham, Janice Clary, Kim Coleman, Angela Sielmann and Mike Wood (absent). He expressed his pleasure in working with the previous Board and looks forward to working with the new Board on this upcoming season.
  • Mark reported attempts to acquire funding from the Rotary Club and Legacy Fund for the 4 – 6 new courts were unsuccessful. There is a possibility of receiving grant money from the Okanagan Charitable Gaming Association and the Club will submit an application before the deadline. Other fundraising opportunities may be in pledges and sponsorships. More information will follow in the near future.
  • Gary Gierlich will meet with Princess Margaret School to propose that PPC partner with the school in a youth program in exchange for the use of their tennis courts.
  • The question of allowing the use of Club equipment during off season was discussed. The majority of members present (18 in favour, 30 against) were not in favour of Club equipment being used before May 1st and after September 30th. It was decided that Club equipment will not be used out of season
  • A new Club Ratigns Committee chaired by Paul Trustham and consisting of members Roberta Meakin; Mike Wood, Mark Tamblyn and Kim Coleman was formed to address member concerns on “what is rating?” and “how do I increase my rating?” The Ratings Committee will follow the USAPA and PCO guidelines to channel players into the appropriate program. New players will not be channeled through the assessment process. The ratings assessments will only apply to programs and not Drop In. This year the Club goal is to rate the 4.0 level. More information on ratings can be found on the PPC website - www.pentictonpickleball.blogspot.ca.
  • There is a Club Tournament planned for fall 2017 and referees should be trained throughout the season.  Interested parties could sign up in the Kelowna clinics in May or June but Kim Coleman will shadow or help those local club members that need more practice." (corrected 29/4/17)
  • The Club will use a mix of two balls this season, ONIX PURE 2 and DURA 40.
3.  TREASURER’S REPORT (Kim Coleman) 

  • Cash on hand  $13,800.20* (Cash on hand will increase this month due to new memberships) 
  • Expenses:  $ 1, 789.51
  • Balance:  $12,010.69 


  • Membership:  Janice Clary reported the Club now has 97 members. A membership form can be found on the website and mailed in or given to Kim Coleman or Janice Clary. Please ensure that couples have different email addresses. If needed, Janice will do another membership drive during the season. The new 2017 membership paddle stickers are green.

  • Programs:  Paul Trustham reviewed the new Program Schedule on screen. Sign Up Genius will continue to be used for registering in various programs. More detailed information can be found on the PPC website - www.pentictonpickleball.blogspot.ca. Two suggestions were raised from the floor with regard to a lower category round robin (2.5 – 3.5) on Tuesdays as well as a “social” couples play on Wednesdays. Six (6) couples showed an interest in this program. Rob Taylor (Mixed 3.5+ Captain) reminded the members that couples play on Friday is for strong 3.5 players. The Appointments schedule was reviewed onscreen by Paul who introduced the Coordinators and Captains to the members.  Marilyn Tamblyn reviewed the Mentorship Program. There is a 3-stage skill development process - #1 skills on the weekend, #2 beginner lessons and #3 Mentorship Program. Marilyn is looking for members to sign up as Mentors. A “Meet the Mentor Day” is planned for May 6th. There is a private clinic planned with Scott Moore on July 6th.

Marilyn Tamblyn reviewed the registration process for programs through Sign Up Genius. She also reviewed navigating through the Penticton Pickleball website for the benefit of new members. For more information about Sign Up Genius and PPC programs, go to the PPC website: www.pentictonpickleball.blogspot.ca 

The new 2017 Court Host Coordinators are Debbie Wager/ Theresa Maktaak. Debbie reminded the group that court hosts are needed for Drop In (Monday-Friday 8:00 – 10:00) and also reviewed the new drop in procedures (white board and paddle rack east fence only). She reminded the members that court etiquette dictates not to walk through the pickleball courts to the far courts, but rather go around the outside. 

7.  OTHER 
Leslie Bumby gave the members a brief introduction to Bumby Ball – a proposed new game to be played socially and may be offered once per month if there is interest. A demonstration of Bumby Ball will be presented on May 12 at 10:00 am at the McLaren tennis courts. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm followed by a Captains’ Meeting directly after the General Meeting. 


April 26th, 2017 General Meeting Reminder

A General Meeting of the Penticton Pickleball Club will be  was held WednesdayApril 26th @ 7:00 pm at the S. Main Senior's Drop In Center.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Membership registration will begin at 6:15 pm.  Please bring $75.00 (cash or cheque) if you wish to sign up.   Membership forms are available on line.


Beginners' Lessons for non-members

Recommended videos before your first lesson:
Part 1 of 3    Introduction
Part 2 of 3    Serving and Scoring
Part 3 of 3    Rules and Game Play

Beginners can take a max. of 3 drop-in lessons (based on need).  If you then choose to join our club,  the PPC will deduct the drop-in fees from your membership.  Drop-in fees are $5.00/time.   (This offer is not available to existing members).  
To book Beginner lessons on the outdoor courts please contact Kim Coleman at

The time for Kim's beginner lessons will vary.


Highlights of the Executive Meeting of April 12, 2017

1.         A Motion was passed to accept the new court layout as presented.

2.       The LGMA (Local Government Management Association) annual conference & AGM held on May 17-18 have asked our Club to provide coaches/ instructors for their pickleball session. 

3.       There will be a Membership Sign Up at the General Meeting on April 26, 2017 starting at 6:15 pm.  Members are asked to bring $75.00 (cash or cheque) to sign up.

4.       Michael Wood presented the Board with a cheque for $2,063 from the proceeds of the Indoor for Outdoor Tournament held in March.  Tentative dates for the 2018 tournament are April 6, 7 and 8th.

5.        The PPC currently has 50 members.

6.      Court Host Coordinators for the 2017 season are Debbie Wagar and Theresa Maktaak.   Drop In Procedures:  The Board approved a new white board be placed on the fence during Drop In to indicate the presence of a Court Host and this season the paddle rack will be placed on the east fence only. 

7.        Michael Wood has agreed to create a “Go Fund Me” webpage for the Club.

8.        The 2017 Program Schedule will be discussed at the General Meeting on April 26.

9.     The Ratings Committee will meet on Wednesday, April 19h @ 1:00 PM at the Drop In Centre.

10.      A Motion was passed so the PPC can approach the staff at Princess Margaret and/or Skaha Middle School to set up a cooperative venture and that the PPC provide instructors and some court time (if available) at non-club times.  In turn the school would provide the outdoor tennis courts for pickleball tournaments as needed.


Serve like the pros

Once you move beyond the intermediate level you may wish to develop a more advanced serve.  


Excerpt from the Pickleball Forum

This article by a Pickleball Forum member, Micky Knapton, might help some of you establish drill goals:
"I am a huge advocate of drilling. I've been thinking a lot about how i wish someone would have been there to guide me through the drill process when i was coming up. Here is my attempt to help some of you awsome newcomers out there. This is my observations on what i feel the main focus of drilling should be at the different skill levels, to give you an advantage. Now, i will start by saying all drills should be practiced through all the levels but this is a list that i believe will help you go though the ranks the quickest way.
2.5 to 3.5 
Drill your 3rd shot the most!!! 
3.5 to 4.0
Drill your cross court dink game the most. Forehand and backhand 
4.0 to 4.5
Foot work, foot work foot work. Move your body! cut down on reaching for shots. I highly recommend watching matches with Daniel Moore in them. He's one of my favorite foot work players.  
4.5 to 5.0
This is probably the most difficult jump for most players to make. At this stage you should be drilling everything pretty equally and you will know what your good at and what you need to drill more.
I can tell you one of the big differences at this stage is mastering the reset.
Focus on using your whole body when drilling. Every movement should start from your core. Picture in your mind a top level 5.0. Every drop, every drive, every dink involves the whole body! 
Hope this will help some of you out there


Peach City Runners now sell Manta Pickleball paddles.

Prices range from $85 to $110.

Peach City Runners
 214 Main Street, Penticton, BC
Canada V2A5B2


Dinking offensive move for advanced players.

"Placing your shot at your opponent’s right clavicle if the player is right handed. The opposite for left handed players. It is is a very awkward and difficult area to hit the ball from. (It is a chicken wing position).
It takes a lot of practice, accuracy and ability to make this shot and be accurate and consistent.
The shot is made when YOU are up at the NVZ line dinking with your opponent.
When, where and how to hit the ball.
1. If your OPPONENT is at the NVZ line the best place to hit the ball is when it bounces about half way between the net and the NVZ line because your opponent has very little time to react to your shot especially if it is well disguised.
2. Your target is a soft topspin shot to your opponents right clavicle.
If your opponent should jump aside and let the ball go by him it should land about one or two feet from the baseline.
3. If you see that you have hit a well placed shot and your opponent decides to hit your shot back. You should anticipate a weak shot and be ready EARLY to put it away.
4. Chances are good they will miss the shot but you must expect it to be returned.
Keys to the point:
  1. Practice.
  2. Disguise your shot.
  3. Aim for clavicle.
  4. Give yourself enough LEEWAY for error on the distance from the baseline. The distance depends on your playing ability.
  5. Hit a low to high soft topspin shot. Do not over hit the ball it is not necessary.
  6. If you see your opponent’s paddle down low go for this shot.
How to defend against this type of strategy:
If you know your opponent has this shot then keep your paddle up high to be ready for the clavicle shot and try to block it back low.
Source: Pickleball Coach:  Pickleball tips.