Change in Reserve a Court procedures - Executive Meeting August 19th.

At the Executive meeting held on August 19th there was a change in the procedure for reserve-a-court.   Originally reserve-a-court times were only for members.   However, we have had requests from members to change the procedure so that they can bring non-members during this time. This is the procedure that was voted on and passed.

Non-member guests may be included in Reserve-A-Court time if:
i.  The person that books the reserve-a-court is a member and becomes a court host for the time booked.
ii. The person that books the reserve-a-court takes responsibility for explaining and enforcing the club rules and procedures (as set out in the red binder located in the storage bin) to their non-member guests.
iii.  The person that books the reserve a court time has the non-member guest sign a waiver (if one is not already on file) and collects the drop in fee.

Bookings for reserve-a-court are online.

A one-time e-mail consentwill be collected from all members who reserve-a-court indicating that the person reserving the court understands their responsibility as a reserve-a-court host.  

Also at the Executive Meeting, Paul Trustham was appointed as a member-at-large to take the place of Gord McKay, who had resigned due to travel commitments.  We welcome Paul's enthusiasm.  Gord's involvement in the first year of our club was instrumental to the acquisition of the present four courts and the Executive will miss his sage advice.    


Stacking - what is it?

See this article by Christine McGrath for an explanation.

Generally you should consider stacking if you are a leftie or if you are playing mixed doubles where one partner is stronger than another.  

To serve against stackers, try a short angle serve to the front corner.