How to identify club members

One inch round stickers with our logo are to be placed on the face of the paddle just above the handle. 
USAPA Rule Revision:  October 1, 2013
2.E.5. .....these decals/markings can extend no farther than 1″ (25.4 mm) above the top of the handle nor more than 1/2″ (12.7 mm) from the outer edge of a paddle, or paddle edge guard if in place


Highlights from April 11th Executive Meeting

1. Club hours in contract with City approved by Executive. 
2. Approval of court closure for Horseshoe Club events on Saturday May 14th and Saturday July 16th.
3. Roberta to place 10 balls for individual purchase in storage bin until season opens.
4. Approval of the sum of $10.00 of each member's fees placed in contingency account for future court funding.
5. Membership table to be set up at Opening Ceremonies on April 30th. 
6. Approval to approach the City with regard to gate access improvement on west side of courts.
7.  Approval to purchase maintenance equipment for courts.
8.  A bulletin board will be attached to the side of the upright storage bin.
9.  The city will be asked to supply a garbage and recycling can.
10.Beginner lessons will be offered by Kim.  One orientation and two lessons for the price of drop-in fees ($5.00 each time).  After that, beginners may choose to join the club and attend 2.5 sessions. If interested contact Kim. 
11. A Ratings committee was formed consisting of:  Roberta Meakin; Kim Coleman;  Karen Heinrichs; Marilyn Tamblyn.  This committee will meet to plan the rating process later in the season.  
12.Information on scheduling; procedures; opening ceremonies; and other club information will be shared at the General Meeting on April 18th 7:15 PM in Room 4 at the Penticton Recreation Centre.