Drop Volley tip.

Simple Drill to Improve Your Drop Volley – Pickleball Quick Tip

David Redding has a simple drill that you can use right now to help you develop soft hands. Take control of your game by taking pace off the ball and catch your opponent by surprise!


Highlights of the Oct. 7 Executive Meeting

1. A Motion was passed to move forward on raising funds for the construction of six (6) new courts as well as a covered seating area.

2. A Motion was passed to accept the $75 membership fee breakdown as follows: $35.00 contingency, $10.00 court rental, $10.00 court expenses, $10.00 administrative expenses, $5.00 liability insurance, $5.00 equipment.

3. A Motion was passed to deposit an additional $2,980 into the Contingency Fund for a total of $5,000.

4. The 2017 Appointment List for Operations, Committee Heads, Program Coordinators and Program Captains has been updated on the website.  

5. The next General Meeting of the Penticton Pickleball Club will be held on April 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the South Main Drop-In Centre.  (changed to April 26th).


Highlights of the Executive Meeting held on September 14th at the Senior’s Drop-in Centre

1. The Executive remains committed to adding four (4) additional outdoor courts to the current Pickleball location.  Applications for funding have been submitted and will be reviewed early in 2017.
2. The Annual General Meeting of the Penticton Pickleball Club will be held on October 5th @ 7:00 pm at the South Main Drop-in Center.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  A “Call for Nominations” to establish a new Board along with a list of job descriptions will be sent to every member. Job descriptions can also be accessed on the "contact us" page. Members who have put their name forward for election so far are:
  • President - Mark Tamblyn
  • Vice President/Programming Chair - Paul Trustham
  • Treasurer - Kim Coleman
  • Secretary - Angela Sielmann
  • Director 1 - Membership Chair - Janice Clarey
  • Director 2 - Fundraising Chair - Mike Wood
  • additional names can be forwarded to the Nomination Chairman, Gary Gierlich, by September 23rd. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the AGM. Note: If you are interested in running for a position, please read the job description before forwarding your name to Gary Gerlich.
3. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been placed in the storage bin at the outdoor courts.  The machine is user friendly and does not require official training to operate.
4. A new Risk Management Plan has been approved and accepted by the Board.  A copy of the plan is available on the website.

5. The Programming Committee is working on the 2017 schedule. These are some proposed changes:
  • Friday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm to become Men's day. reversed - will stay as Thursday
  • Thursday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm to become 3.0 RR. reversed - will stay as Friday.
  • No more drills from 10:00 am to 11:00 am - instead there will be clinics on Saturday afternoon between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.
  • Wednesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm will be drop-in.
  • Saturday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm to become Ladies Advanced.
6. The 2017 outdoor season membership fee will be determined by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.


Change in Reserve a Court procedures - Executive Meeting August 19th.

At the Executive meeting held on August 19th there was a change in the procedure for reserve-a-court.   Originally reserve-a-court times were only for members.   However, we have had requests from members to change the procedure so that they can bring non-members during this time. This is the procedure that was voted on and passed.

Non-member guests may be included in Reserve-A-Court time if:
i.  The person that books the reserve-a-court is a member and becomes a court host for the time booked.
ii. The person that books the reserve-a-court takes responsibility for explaining and enforcing the club rules and procedures (as set out in the red binder located in the storage bin) to their non-member guests.
iii.  The person that books the reserve a court time has the non-member guest sign a waiver (if one is not already on file) and collects the drop in fee.

Bookings for reserve-a-court are online.

A one-time e-mail consentwill be collected from all members who reserve-a-court indicating that the person reserving the court understands their responsibility as a reserve-a-court host.  

Also at the Executive Meeting, Paul Trustham was appointed as a member-at-large to take the place of Gord McKay, who had resigned due to travel commitments.  We welcome Paul's enthusiasm.  Gord's involvement in the first year of our club was instrumental to the acquisition of the present four courts and the Executive will miss his sage advice.    


Hitting to the Backhand - for 3.5's

This is an old video but is worth watching again -- make it your focus this week to hit to your opponent's backhand.  It can set up your partner for a putaway shot.

And by the way, if your partner sets you up for a shot, make sure you thank them so they will do it again.


Stacking - what is it?

See this article by Christine McGrath for an explanation.

Generally you should consider stacking if you are a leftie or if you are playing mixed doubles where one partner is stronger than another.  

To serve against stackers, try a short angle serve to the front corner.  


Earning the net

In 3.5 drills we practiced approach drop shots to get to the net.  Deb adds another shot (the block drop from mid court) as another option to get to the net.  Try it out.


Highlights of June 29th Executive Meeting

1.  The Executive will move forward with a planning proposal to raise funds for four more courts, a storage shed, and a fenced sitting area.
2.  The  Annual General Meeting of the Penticton Pickleball Club will be held on October 12th at 7:00 PM at the South Main Drop In Centre.  (subject to room availability)
3.   A motion was passed that limited skill teaching groups and round robin sessions to members only.  Captains will determine if an exemption is to be made.  Players granted an exemption will be charged the $5.00 drop in rate and be required to fill in a waiver. 

4.  The Programming Committee reported that based on survey results, no programming changes would be made at this time.  Each of the comments submitted with the survey was carefully considered by the Committee.


Advice for 3.5 players - Construct the point.

This is good teamwork advice for the 3.5 players hoping to move to the next level.


How high should the apex of your drop shot be?

Gold medalist Jennifer Lacore and her dad Bob Youngen are giving a clinic in Kelowna on July 6th.  I believe there are still openings.  One of their clinic topics is the third shot drop and they will talk about the "apex" of the shot, which should be over the NVL.  Another 5.0 player, Prem Carnot, has posted the following graphic showing how high this apex should be.  


100 Pickleball Strategies by Jeff Shank (for 3.5's).

You'll need an hour to watch this video which contains strategies for intermediate players. Jeff is a 5.0 level player. 


Setup and Offensive player in advanced play.

This is an excerpt from an article dated Feb. 20/2016 entitled "A Champion's Continuous Improvement" .  Wes Gabrielson was asked about his winning pickleball strategy.
"It’s similar to doubles tennis; it’s mainly around identifying your Setup and Offensive players and insuring you both understand your roles. ....The job of the setup person is to be rock solid with her or his dinks and place the ball so that his or her partner continues to have an opportunity to be involved in the play. When I am the offensive player, I then move more into the middle. And (my partner) will keep going cross-court when (he or she) can in the hopes that one of their returns will be a little bit “up” and I can get into the act.


Resetting the point.

When the fast game has been started at the net, and you feel you aren't winning, then reset the point to get back to neutral.  

Bear in mind that in Noel White's "Pickleball Statistical Analysis" he showed that teams that have the most defensive type of conversion shots lose a majority of their games so don't overuse it.  The key is to stay aggressive and on the offensive because only offensive conversions contribute to winning.


Eye safety

Please consider using some form of protective eye ware.   You can use sunglasses or safety eye ware made for racket sports.  Here is another idea:


Highlights of May 10th Executive Meeting

1.  Court hosts are required for morning drop in.  The Executive will send an e-blast to members requesting that they start signing up as court hosts.   Without court hosts, the bin containing balls and equipment cannot be opened.

2.  The Executive indicated approval to raise money for four additional courts.

3.  The City will be approached about including a water dispenser and windscreens in their 2017 budget.

4.  The combination lock for the storage bin has been changed to limit access to the bin to Executive, coordinators, captains, and court hosts.

5.  The Executive is looking into the purchase of a leaf blower.

6.  A Social Committee was created. A chairperson and more members are needed.  Some ideas would be to plan a fun tournament; or to plan club mixers.  Members wishing to volunteer for this committee can get in touch with Mark Tamblyn.  Mattie Matheson has volunteered to be chairperson for this committee.  

7.  A satisfaction survey about present programs offered will be sent out to members in three week's time.    


Advice from Coach Mo for Intermediates.

Click here to listen to the latest episode of the Pickleball Show.

Are you making the most common mistake Coach Mo sees in his clinics? What are the keys to lobbing effectively? If your backhand is weak, should you switch hands? Coach Mo continues his discussion on how to play Percentage Pickleball.


Penticton Pickleball Club Honourary Member Jack Byron

Gord McKay presenting Jack Byron with Honourary Lifetime Membership
while Mark Tamblyn announces details of Jack's contribution
to pickleball in the Penticton area.  


Opening Ceremony Pictures

Click here to see more pictures. 

The Penticton Pickleball Club April 30, 2016

Penticton City Council and the Penticton Pickleball Club Executive April 30, 2016


When to move up after the third shot

Some of you may have been told that you must get up to the No-volley line after the Return of Serve so you dutifully rush up to the line after your partner's drop shot and end up eating your opponent's ball. Why?  This video shows you when to move up and when to stay back.


How to identify club members

One inch round stickers with our logo (in green for 2017) have been ordered.   They will be placed on the face of the paddle just above the handle. 
USAPA Rule Revision:  October 1, 2013
2.E.5. .....these decals/markings can extend no farther than 1″ (25.4 mm) above the top of the handle nor more than 1/2″ (12.7 mm) from the outer edge of a paddle, or paddle edge guard if in place


How to use Sign-Up genius

Some of the programs offered by the Club will use a program called "Sign-Up Genius".  Go to this site if you need help using it.  


Highlights from April 11th Executive Meeting

1. Club hours in contract with City approved by Executive. 
2. Approval of court closure for Horseshoe Club events on Saturday May 14th and Saturday July 16th.
3. Roberta to place 10 balls for individual purchase in storage bin until season opens.
4. Approval of the sum of $10.00 of each member's fees placed in contingency account for future court funding.
5. Membership table to be set up at Opening Ceremonies on April 30th. 
6. Approval to approach the City with regard to gate access improvement on west side of courts.
7.  Approval to purchase maintenance equipment for courts.
8.  A bulletin board will be attached to the side of the upright storage bin.
9.  The city will be asked to supply a garbage and recycling can.
10.Beginner lessons will be offered by Kim.  One orientation and two lessons for the price of drop-in fees ($5.00 each time).  After that, beginners may choose to join the club and attend 2.5 sessions. If interested contact Kim. 
11. A Ratings committee was formed consisting of:  Roberta Meakin; Kim Coleman;  Karen Heinrichs; Marilyn Tamblyn.  This committee will meet to plan the rating process later in the season.  
12.Information on scheduling; procedures; opening ceremonies; and other club information will be shared at the General Meeting on April 18th 7:15 PM in Room 4 at the Penticton Recreation Centre.  


Third shot drive for advanced players

"The Pickleball Show had a recent discussion with Matt Staub, one of the top players in the world, about changing his third shot strategy away from the drop shot to the topspin drive. Matt discussed several factors in his new style:

  1. Equipment advances (both ball and paddle) allow for more powerful shots and greater amount of topspin. 
  2. Opponents are hitting the ball harder with the new equipment and players must adjust just to stay even.
  3. The ability to hit a harder shot that drops below the top of the net negates a lot of the advantage that has always been owned by the non-serving team being positioned at the kitchen.
Matt emphasizes that the shot is not intended to win the point, although that may happen more often than with the drop shot. Instead, the intent is to set up the fifth shot, which is the drop shot or something more offensive if the return volley is weak. 

While Matt uses the drive regularly on the third shot, it is particularly effective when the second shot - the return of serve - is short.  The drive strategy adds yet another element to the game by increasing the pressure on the service returner to make a deep return. This also increases the odds of a few free points when the return is hit out of bounds or in the net." Source:  Apple County Pickleball blog.


Blocking video by Sarah Ansboury

"The block is a return with a flat paddle, i.e., perpendicular to the court. It is intended to use the force of the opponent's shot to rebound the ball back across the net at a slower pace.

The block and absorb is a return with a tilted paddle, i.e., the top of the paddle is tilted back slightly. The shot requires minimal forward and downward movement of one inch or less. The tilt of the paddle is intended to absorb some of the force while adding spin to the return."  source Apple County blog.


Backboard drills


Just 15 minutes a day on drills at your level will improve your game dramatically.


Penticton source for Paddletek paddles

Want to try a paddle before you buy? 
Roberta Meakin
ph: 250 - 490-5241 (text only)

Paddletek paddles have a 1 year warranty
against defects and a 5 year, no
dead spot warranty.  Roberta is
the Pickleball Depot Representative

Max Paddles $60.00
Outdoor pickleballs
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