Executive Meeting June 17th Items of interest to members

An executive meeting was held today.  Some of the items on the agenda were:

1.  Involvement of pickleball in the 2018-2019 Winter Games
2.  Discussion on code of conduct
3.  Discussion on minimum age for membership
4.  Discussion on incorporation
5.  Discussion on insurance
6.  Discussion on bylaws.

An extraordinary meeting will be convened prior to the opening of the courts to discuss the programs to be run during club time on the 4 courts.  If you would like to have input into the programs the club will offer or would like to run a program please contact a member of the Executive about attending that meeting.  The date for this meeting has not yet been established but it is expected to be in August after the next Executive meeting.   

Next Executive Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 5th at 12:15 PM.