Minutes of First General Meeting of PPA April 17, 2015

Penticton Pickleball Association
Edited Minutes of April 17, 2015 Organizational Meeting
Held in Room 4 Penticton Recreation Centre, 325 Power Street, Penticton, B.C. 

Note: an unedited copy of these minutes is on file for member viewing.

1.     Chairman Mark Tamblyn called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM.

2.     There were 24 people in attendance. 

3.     Mark Tamblyn gave a short talk on the reason for forming an association, as well as sharing the details of the monies available for the acquisition and/or construction of outdoor pickleball courts.     He also mentioned that he had been approached by interested parties about the possibility of holding future tournaments on our courts as fundraisers for the Penticton Pickleball Association. 

4.     A list of possible names for the Executive positions was shared.   An attendance sheet that included addresses and areas of interest was circulated so that members had the opportunity to indicate if they wished to be involved in the Executive or a volunteer position.

5.     Blain Ford, from the Penticton Recreation Centre, addressed the group and said that his department would be available to help in the future once programs were running.   Mark thanked Blain for making the meeting room available. 

6.     Jack Byron presented the history of Penticton pickleball as it related to getting outside courts.   

7.     The members were asked by the Chairman to generate possible site locations for outdoor courts.  Discussion followed indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the Penticton City courts.   Mark mentioned he would bring this information to the Tuesday, April 21st meeting with the City.
8.     MOVED by Terry Iceton and SECONDED by Marty Lewis that an Association be formed called the Penticton Pickleball Association.   Motion CARRIED. 

9.     Mark asked if there were any additions to the Executive slate.  Six additional members indicated they would stand for a position.   MOVED by Dave Langan and SECONDED by Kim Coleman that the Executive be elected.   CARRIED.    The Executive is as follows:

Mark Tamblyn
Vice President and Secretary
Mark Fynn
Marilyn Tamblyn
Marty Lewis

Janice Clary

Kim Coleman

Gord Mckay

Karen Heinrichs

Mike Wood

Jack Byron

10.  Volunteers for Committees are as follows:

Tom Leckie; Dave Langan; Janet Marsden
Publicity (web page, blog)
Melissa and Andreas (to be confirmed)
Janice Clary; Terry Ingles; Jan Marsden
Court construction
Terry Ingles; Tom Leckie; Dave Langan; Marty Lewis; Mark Siemens; Karen Heinrichs
Curtis Hamilton
Mary Wu

Kim Coleman

Robert Taylor

Dennis Hoffart

Michael Wood

Kim Hun Kopp

11.  Marty Lewis agreed to run a session on setting a vision statement at the next meeting.  Members and new members are encouraged to be at the next meeting to make sure their ideas are included.   This was changed to goal setting at the executive meeting.  

12. Robert Taylor mentioned that Lana Nunweiller from the Kelowna Pickleball Club might be used as a resource in establishing the Penticton Pickleball Club.   He will contact her and let the executive know of his findings. 

13. It was mentioned that an interim proposal to take to the City would be to use our portable nets on one of the site locations.  This would involve having this site designated a pickleball only site.   It was mentioned that drainage is a problem on this site, especially after a rainfall.  Several members indicated that wind and parking would also be a concern for this site. 

14. Meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM

Next meeting – to be held May 1st in the Penticton Recreation Centre at 12:15 PM.