PPC referee form

Download a referee form for club use HERE.  Some videos to watch to brush up on your skills are:

1.  Video One -- shows you how to complete scoresheet using clothespin for lst and second server.  Used in Palm Creek Florida.

2.  Video Two -- shows someone refereeing and explaining the scoresheet procedure. Produced in 2013 so the server rule has changed.  Used in the Villages, Florida.  


Highlights of Oct. 16th Executive Meeting

The Opening Ceremonies have been tentatively scheduled for April 30th, 2016. Confirmation of this date from City Council will be needed before finalization.  

Executive approval has been given for the following:
a)  The inside fence construction.  $2,000.00 of this price has been donated by a private individual.   The remainder will be funded through the Indoor-Outdoor tournament profits.  A letter has been sent to the Public Works Department requesting a meeting to finalize pricing. It was decided to go with 4' fencing to match the existing interior fencing.  Gates will be a future purchase.  Update:  Nov. 6/15.  The lowest bid was $3,326.61.  A cheque was given to the City of Penticton for that amount.  
b)  Two classes of membership will be established: General and Honourary Life.  
c)  Two sponsor passes will be issued to each sponsor for cash donations of $500.00 or more.
d)  A contingency bank account will be opened for donations received for the funding of four more courts.  Done.

Mark will be meeting next week with the Penticton Recreation Centre to review the usage agreement.   The PPC and the Rec Commission has agreed with the conditions of the agreement and the contract will be prepared.  


Sept. 21 General Meeting Minutes


Held at 12:30 PM Sept. 21, 2015
In Room 2 Penticton Recreation Centre

1.  Chairman Mark Tamblyn called the meeting to order at 12:25 PM.  The Secretary reported that there was a quorum present (13 members).  Ten guests were also present.  (Attendance sheet on file.)

2.  President’s Report

Mark welcomed everyone and reminded those present that only members could vote on motions. Mark gave a brief rundown on the status of the outdoor courts.  He mentioned that the courts might be available to play on as early as next week.  It will be announced on the website.  Mark also mentioned that the Horseshoe Club and the Drop-in Centre have been very welcoming to the idea of the pickleball courts being located near to them.  The Horseshoe Club is looking for new members and the drop-in centre has indicated that we are free to use their washrooms.  Mark reminded members of two important dates:
                        i.         PPC club times will begin next Spring on May 1, 2016
                       ii.         Opening Ceremonies are tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April                     30th.  More details will follow in early April.

3.  Secretary’s report – Marilyn moved that the Minutes of the May 27th, 2015 General Meeting be approved as distributed.   CARRIED.

4.     Treasurer’s report  - Kim moved that her report dated September 18, 2015 be approved as read.   CARRIED.   (On file).

5.     Committee reports

a)  Membership –Janice Clary announced that, as of that moment, there were 44 paid members and that we were on track to reach the 60-member target set by the Executive.  Jack gave a brief outline of the outdoor membership drive incentive he has set up for players signing up for selected indoor pickleball programs. 

b)  Fundraising –Mike Carter mentioned that his “Indoor for Outdoor” tournament should bring in $4500.00 to the Club.   Mark thanked Mike for his group’s contribution.

c)   Construction/Operations – Mark gave a report on Terry Iceton’s behalf.
Mark, Terry and Gord have been in discussion with the City about interior fencing and a meeting area.  At the present time, Len Robson, from the City, had asked them to hold off on any further planning until such time as the contractor has signed off on the four courts.  Ernie Treichel asked if we could consider higher interior fences.  At the present time the plan was for 4’ fences.  Mark indicated that the Executive would look into the cost of making the interior fences higher.  Mark mentioned that the Horseshoe Club had indicated we could use their shed for storage until such time as a Club storage place could be located on site. Update:  Horseshoe club has rescinded their storage offer due to concerns over potential equipment loss.  

d)  Programming –Mark Tamblyn outlined the process for seeking member input into programming.  Step 1 was the survey; Step 2 was today’s meeting; and Step 3 will be a meeting on April 11th where members could give their final input before the schedule was finalized.  He also indicated that there would be a Programming Committee meeting directly after the General Meeting today.

6.  Old Business
a)  Website – Marilyn Tamblyn asked how many of the group had been on the website.  All but one person indicated they had.

7.  New Business - There was no new business

8.  Other - There was no other business

9.  Meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.     Next meeting next April.  Time and date TBA.


Pickleball Canada Ambassadors

Who is the PCO?
It is a group of volunteers whose mission is to assist and promote the growth of Pickleball as a game for all ages and to establish rules, policies and standards for the good governance of the game in Canada.

Who is the Area Ambassador for Penticton:
Roberta Meakin.

What do the Area Ambassadors do?
They are the spokespersons and representatives for Pickleball Canada regarding all activities related to pickleball within the area they represent.  Other duties include:

·       Keeping the Places-to-Play section of the PCO website current for their area.
·       Promoting new memberships for PCO.
·       Supporting the goals of PCO to include the promotion and growth of pickleball.
·       Advising players of rule changes, developments within the sport, etc.

Other duties can include facilitating the development of instructional clinics, assisting with tournaments, and fostering the organization of pickleball clubs.

What are the benefits of joining PCO? 
Pickleball Canada Memberships include many benefits and privileges:
  • Each member receives a membership number and a membership card.
  • Monthly e-newsletters to all Pickleball Canada members.
  • Updated rules, policies and information on the National website and newsletters.
  • Promoting clubs and groups, places to play, Ambassadors etc.
  • Tournament advertising and information on our websites/newsletters.
  • Member discounts in many Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournaments.
  • Member voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Liability insurance for Pickleball Canada members in sanctioned tournaments.
  • Tournament Points in Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournaments.
  • Official Player Ratings accepted in Canada and the USA.
More information on Pickleball Canada can be obtained from their website.    


Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101

Click here to see this 30 minute video. 

Note:  Advanced player's strategies will vary from the basic strategies shown on this video. 


Highlights of Sept. 9th Executive Meeting

1.  A tentative opening date for the outside courts is September 30th (depends when Tomco puts on the topcoat and when the Contractor signs off).  Stay tuned!

2.  A usage agreement with PPC and the Penticton Recreation Centre for the outdoor courts will be drafted by next Spring.  We can't sponsor any club activities on the courts until we have a completed agreement and liability insurance.  Therefore we will be playing on the courts in public access time this fall.  

3.  Membership forms will be available in the lobby on September 21st.  See Janice or Janis.  They will also be available at the Oct. 3rd tournament.  Executive members also have membership forms, and of course, they are available on this website.  Why sign up now?  It helps our club start to acquire equipment for next Spring, such as balls, squeezies, paddle board, and miscellaneous supplies. Also, Jack has a deal for you which he will be announcing in his next newsletter.  

4.  The Construction/Operations committee is working on plans for a meeting/socializing area at the courts.  In addition they are also checking out the pricing on interior fencing to see if it is something we can afford to do in the future.  We are seeking donations to help with these extra costs.  If you signed up last Fall to be on this committee let Terry know you still want to be involved.  Members only.

5.   Members will be given an opportunity to join the programming committee at the Sept. 21st General meeting. 


Parking -- be considerate of other events at the Drop-In Centre.

Please leave the parking stalls close to the Centre for seniors with mobility issues. If the Drop-In lot is full, there is parking available in the parking lot of Skaha Middle School (after hours and on weekends), and on South Main Street.  

Please be aware & ensure the sidewalk is not blocked (vehicles have been noted to "overhang" & take up ½ the sidewalk making it impossible for scooters or wheelchairs to use the sidewalk).

(click the link to the right to see the Drop-In Centre calendar).  Plan your parking with their events in mind.  


Referee test

How well do you know the rules?   Take the referee test.  Note:  there are 75 questions.


Highlights from August 4th Executive Meeting

Some of the items discussed at the August 4th Executive meeting were:

1.  Update on courts:   all tenders are now in and construction is expected to start shortly on the courts.   We were slightly over budget so some cuts were made:  2 exterior gates instead of 4 and the elimination of cross court interior fencing were two of the noticeable cuts.  

2.   Membership form:  The Executive approved a $50.00 annual fee for 2015/2016.  This means that when you get on the courts this year (hopefully in mid September) your membership fee will be good until the end of season (usually October 15th) plus for the whole of the following season.  Membership forms will be sent out shortly and will also be available on this website. Waiver's must be signed.  A $5.00 drop in fee was also approved.

3.  Special Committees were struck to investigate the following:
     a)  Pickleball Court Etiquette
     b)  Programming

4.  Our start-up budgeting needs are about $3,000.00.  $500.00 of that is for liability insurance.  A supply of balls is also included as well as other court equipment such as squeegies. 

5. Club by-laws have been adopted.  We will be operating as a Club (not as an incorporated Society).     


Executive Meeting June 17th Items of interest to members

An executive meeting was held today.  Some of the items on the agenda were:

1.  Involvement of pickleball in the 2018-2019 Winter Games
2.  Discussion on code of conduct
3.  Discussion on minimum age for membership
4.  Discussion on incorporation
5.  Discussion on insurance
6.  Discussion on bylaws.

An extraordinary meeting will be convened prior to the opening of the courts to discuss the programs to be run during club time on the 4 courts.  If you would like to have input into the programs the club will offer or would like to run a program please contact a member of the Executive about attending that meeting.  The date for this meeting has not yet been established but it is expected to be in August after the next Executive meeting.   

Next Executive Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 5th at 12:15 PM.  


May 27th, 2015 General Meeting Minutes

Held in Room 3 at the Penticton Recreation Centre
On May 27, 2015 at 12:15 PM

1.   Meeting called to order at 12:15 PM by Chairman Mark Tamblyn.  There were 18 people in attendance.

2.   MOVED by Marilyn Tamblyn that the Minutes of the General Meeting of May 1st, 2015 be adopted as distributed. CARRIED.

3.   Treasurer’s report:
a)   Kim Coleman reported that she was opening a bank account for the Penticton Pickleball Club.  Signing authorities were selected.
b)   Seed money was collected from ten of the members who were present.  Receipts were issued.

4.   President’s report:
a)   Mark Tamblyn gave an update on the 4 courts that the City is funding. The potential opening date is September 1st.   Mark suggested that the courts be named after the original donors of the property. (There is a plaque on the property next to the courts that indicates the area is the Robinson Garden).  See picture.

It was MOVED by Marilyn Tamblyn and SECONDED by Mark Fynn, that the Penticton Pickleball Club approach the City of Penticton to request that the Pickleball courts be known as the "Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre".  CARRIED. 

b)   Mark indicated that he would like some direction from the members as to where they would like their focus to be for an additional four courts.    Discussion preceding the motion indicated that the members present wished to fully support a central pickleball facility at Robinson Garden.   

It was MOVED and SECONDED that all funds raised be channeled into developing the Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre.  CARRIED. 

c)    Mark Tamblyn informed the membership that he had met with the City to discuss the possibility of using the Skaha Rink as a temporary home for outdoor pickleball.  The City had expressed its reluctance to paint pickleball lines on this site so it had been abandoned as a suitable temporary site.  The membership indicated that the use of the three pickleball courts painted on tennis courts at McLaren, Columbia and Skaha would be sufficient until the permanent pickleball courts were built at the Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre. 

5.   Committee reports:
a)  Membership - Janice Clary, Chairperson.
                  i.  Janice asked the membership for direction in establishing member fees. 
                ii.   The Chairman indicated that the Executive would assist the Membership Committee in setting a membership fee.

b)  Fundraising -- Kim Coleman Chairperson

                  i.  Kim mentioned that she had a list of various ideas to raise money for the Club.     She invited members to join her committee if they have not already done so. 

                 ii. Mark Tamblyn polled the members to come up with a goal for fundraising for four more courts.  It was MOVED and SECONDED that we table discussion on fundraising for four more courts until a definite cost for the initial four courts is known. 
a)  Construction - Mark Fynn, Chairperson.
                     i.  Mark reminded the members that before a fundraising goal could be established that it was imperative to conduct an inventory of items that may be needed to support the initial four courts at the Robinson Garden Pickleball Centre.  
                   ii.  Mark indicated that his committee would meet to come up with purchase goals. 
                 iii.   Mark noted that once these initial goals are met then consideration could be given to fundraising for four additional courts.
6.   Old Business:
a)   Legal advice on "Club" or "Association"
            Mark Fynn suggested that a discussion on this should take place in the fall before the courts are open.  He felt that Director's Insurance should be purchased once we start to sign up members. 

7.  New Business:
a)   Website - Marilyn Tamblyn used the projector to introduce the Penticton Pickleball blog.  A club logo was also submitted. The members present indicated their approval of the logo.  Marilyn will get it fine-tuned by a graphic artist and then submit it to the Executive for approval.

b)   Fundraising Tournament.  Mike Wood indicated that he would be organizing a Penticton indoor tournament for October 3 and 4th.  The profit will be donated to the Penticton Pickleball Club.

8.  Other
a)   Marketing.  Kim Coleman introduced some possible advertising opportunities through the Visitors Centre. There would be a cost to this service.  Members thought this might be worth pursuing once we have more operating funds.

9.  Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM.  The next general meeting will be scheduled by the Executive on an as-needed basis.  Members are invited to forward any ideas or questions to the Executive.  Frequent updates of new information will be posted on the Club website. 


Minutes of May 1 2015 General Meeting

Held in Room 2 at the Penticton Recreation Centre
On May 1, 2015 at 12:15 PM
Note:  an unedited version of these minutes is on file for member viewing.

1.   Meeting called to order at 12:15 PM by Chairman Mark Tamblyn.  There were 18 people in attendance.

2.   MOVED by Marilyn Tamblyn, that the Minutes of the General Meeting of April 17th, 2015 be adopted as revised and distributed. CARRIED.

3.   Treasurer’s report – Kim Coleman reported that she had nothing to report at this time.

4.   Update on Change of Officers.   Mark Tamblyn introduced the Executive to the members, noting that Kim Coleman had accepted the post of club Treasurer and that Marilyn Tamblyn had moved from Treasurer to Secretary to fill in the post vacated by Mark Fynn.

5.   Update on Appointment of Committee chairs.  Mark Tamblyn informed the members that there was now three active committees:

i.              Membership chaired by Janice Clary
ii.             Fundraising chaired by Kim Coleman
iii.            Construction chaired by Mark Fynn

New members were invited to give their name to the Committee chairs at the end of the meeting

6.   Old Business:
a.   Site selection:  Mark Tamblyn gave an overview of the different sites that had been proposed by the City as possibilities for the location of pickleball courts, and also the reasons why certain sites were considered unacceptable.  

b.   Mark Fynn introduced three Executive motions relating to site selection investigation for member approval.   

After discussion, it was MOVED by Gord McKay and SECONDED by Dave Langan that the three goal motions be approved. CARRIED.

c.    A further motion was introduced to include another site in the list of sites that the club should investigate.

7.   New Business

a.   Court Usage:  Mark Tamblyn and Marilyn Tamblyn introduced a comparison of the two court usage options that the City had provided for us to consider.  
i)    City built owned and operated
ii)  License to Use the Property

After discussion, it was MOVED by Kim Coleman and SECONDED by Dave Langan that the Penticton Pickleball Association accept Option 1 (City built owned and operated) as the preferred option to submit to the City.  CARRIED. 

Note:  Janice Clary mentioned that we should decide at a later date whether option 1 or 2 is the best option for the short term site depending on who will be responsible for operation of those courts.

A paper comparing the two options is on file.

Kim Coleman gave an update of her meeting with Lana Nunweiler and Bryan Jackson from the Kelowna Pickleball Club.  She noted that Kelowna operated their courts under the same conditions as cited in Option 1.   Kim then shared ideas on how Kelowna handles membership, insurance, club organization and fundraising.                            

§  Membership:  Of the $40.00 that Kelowna members pay $5.00 goes to Pickleball Canada, $10.00 is paid to the City and $25.00 goes to the Club.  Kim suggested that we keep a log of member use so that we can support future requests for funds to build pickleball courts.  Jack Byron was asked to collect information on past use of members on the indoor courts at the Recreation Centre and then to forward this information to Mark Tamblyn for presentation to the City. Jack indicated that at the present time we have roughly 200 active players.

§  Insurance:  Kelowna purchased Lloyds All Sports Insurance for $235.00 for the season (May 1 to Oct. 15th).  This has a $500.00 deductible and is good for 12 courts.

§  Club organization -- Kim mentioned that Lana and Bryan both suggested that the club be operated like a business instead of an association or a society.  At that point, there was a motion of name change as follows:

MOVED by Terry Iceton and SECONDED by Rick Felker that the Penticton Pickleball Association change its name to the Penticton Pickleball Club.   CARRIED. 

§  Fundraising -- the largest expense will be balls once the courts are in place.  The best source for fundraising is Club members.   

b.   Site for use in 2015 : 
                                 i.         Gord McKay gave an update on where we are in the process of investigating the upgrading of the temporary site for pickleball use in 2015.   
8.   Committee Reports
a.   Membership - Chairperson Janice Clary polled members present to see if they were prepared to donate "seed money" of $10.00 for initial expenses.  Members present indicated they were. Janice and Kim will work together to set up a process of member registration and collection of the $10.00. 

b.   Fundraising - no report.

c.    Construction - Chairperson Mark Fynn indicated that as soon as he has information on the construction process he will send out cluster e-mail to members

9.   Other
a.   A source for free legal advice will be followed up on.

b.   Tennis and pickleball conflicts on present courts -- Jack has requested that the Public Works department of the City erect signs on Skaha, McLaren, and Columbia courts to indicate that both tennis and pickleball activities are allowed.

10.  Meeting adjourned 1:40 PM.  Next Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 27th at 12:15 PM at the Recreation Centre.   

The Breakout committee groups planned for this time were cancelled. 


Minutes of First General Meeting of PPA April 17, 2015

Penticton Pickleball Association
Edited Minutes of April 17, 2015 Organizational Meeting
Held in Room 4 Penticton Recreation Centre, 325 Power Street, Penticton, B.C. 

Note: an unedited copy of these minutes is on file for member viewing.

1.     Chairman Mark Tamblyn called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM.

2.     There were 24 people in attendance. 

3.     Mark Tamblyn gave a short talk on the reason for forming an association, as well as sharing the details of the monies available for the acquisition and/or construction of outdoor pickleball courts.     He also mentioned that he had been approached by interested parties about the possibility of holding future tournaments on our courts as fundraisers for the Penticton Pickleball Association. 

4.     A list of possible names for the Executive positions was shared.   An attendance sheet that included addresses and areas of interest was circulated so that members had the opportunity to indicate if they wished to be involved in the Executive or a volunteer position.

5.     Blain Ford, from the Penticton Recreation Centre, addressed the group and said that his department would be available to help in the future once programs were running.   Mark thanked Blain for making the meeting room available. 

6.     Jack Byron presented the history of Penticton pickleball as it related to getting outside courts.   

7.     The members were asked by the Chairman to generate possible site locations for outdoor courts.  Discussion followed indicating the strengths and weaknesses of the Penticton City courts.   Mark mentioned he would bring this information to the Tuesday, April 21st meeting with the City.
8.     MOVED by Terry Iceton and SECONDED by Marty Lewis that an Association be formed called the Penticton Pickleball Association.   Motion CARRIED. 

9.     Mark asked if there were any additions to the Executive slate.  Six additional members indicated they would stand for a position.   MOVED by Dave Langan and SECONDED by Kim Coleman that the Executive be elected.   CARRIED.    The Executive is as follows:

Mark Tamblyn
Vice President and Secretary
Mark Fynn
Marilyn Tamblyn
Marty Lewis

Janice Clary

Kim Coleman

Gord Mckay

Karen Heinrichs

Mike Wood

Jack Byron

10.  Volunteers for Committees are as follows:

Tom Leckie; Dave Langan; Janet Marsden
Publicity (web page, blog)
Melissa and Andreas (to be confirmed)
Janice Clary; Terry Ingles; Jan Marsden
Court construction
Terry Ingles; Tom Leckie; Dave Langan; Marty Lewis; Mark Siemens; Karen Heinrichs
Curtis Hamilton
Mary Wu

Kim Coleman

Robert Taylor

Dennis Hoffart

Michael Wood

Kim Hun Kopp

11.  Marty Lewis agreed to run a session on setting a vision statement at the next meeting.  Members and new members are encouraged to be at the next meeting to make sure their ideas are included.   This was changed to goal setting at the executive meeting.  

12. Robert Taylor mentioned that Lana Nunweiller from the Kelowna Pickleball Club might be used as a resource in establishing the Penticton Pickleball Club.   He will contact her and let the executive know of his findings. 

13. It was mentioned that an interim proposal to take to the City would be to use our portable nets on one of the site locations.  This would involve having this site designated a pickleball only site.   It was mentioned that drainage is a problem on this site, especially after a rainfall.  Several members indicated that wind and parking would also be a concern for this site. 

14. Meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM

Next meeting – to be held May 1st in the Penticton Recreation Centre at 12:15 PM.