Penticton Indoor for Outdoor Tournament results

Gold Medal Winners : Mike Wood and Roberta Meaken.  Silver Medal Winners: Yas Athurkorala and Kim Kopp.  Bronze Medal Winners: Mark Dana and Ronith Cogswell

Men’s 4.5
Gold Medal Winners : Mark Dana and Andrew McKimmon.  Silver Medal Winners: Mike Epp and Adreas Wins-purdy.  Bronze Medal Winners: Ryan Rostek and Charles Neufeldt.

Mixed 4.0
Gold Medal Winners : Richard De Lange and Judith Heunis.  Silver Medal Winners: Murray Feenstra and Shirley Knorr.  Bronze Medal Winners: Mike Wood and Nancy Rhea

Women’s 4.5
Gold Medal Winners : Roberta Meaken and Kim Kopp.  Silver Medal Winners: Ronith Cogswell and Marsi Jacobs.  Bronze Medal Winners: Kim Coleman and Irene Mah 

Women’s 3.5
Gold Medal Winners : Pat Andrews and Maureen Reiter.  Silver Medal Winners: Gwen Redfern and Charlene Bender.  Bronze Medal Winners: Nancy Agassiz and Cari Graystone.

Men’s 3.5
Gold Medal Winners : Joey Toolsie and Greg Thompson.  Silver Medal Winners: Jack Bumby and Brandon Berlinguet.  Bronze Medal Winners: Trevor Towers and Trask Towers.

Women’s 4.0
Gold Medal Winners : Nancy Rhea and Jayne Hackman.  Silver Medal Winners: Karen Austen and Jae Nichols.  Bronze Medal Winners: Karen Heinrichs and Susan Hatfield

Men’s 4.0
Gold Medal Winners : Richard De Lange and Murray Feenstra.  Silver Medal Winners: Rick Felker and Tom Leckie.  Bronze Medal Winners: Pat Meyers and Lance Monych

Referee training clinic coming in May and June

Riyoko Charleton (from Kelowna Pickleball) and Walter Knecht (BC PCO Ambassador) will be conducting referee clinics in May and June in Kelowna.  More details about sign-up will be forthcoming.