Peach City Runners now sell Manta Pickleball paddles.

Prices range from $85 to $110.

Peach City Runners
 214 Main Street, Penticton, BC
Canada V2A5B2


March Indoor for Outdoor Tournament - openings.

The 2017 Pickleball tourney is coming up in just over a month.  This is a fund raiser to raise money for new outdoor courts.

Here is where we stand in all categories.

Men’s 3.5 we have spot for 4 more teams.

Women’s 3.5 we have spot for 2 more teams

Men’s 4.0  we have spot for 4 more teams

Women’s 4.0 we have spot for 4 more teams

Mixed 4.0 is full

Men’s 4.5+  We have spot for only 1 more team.

Women’s 4.5+ we have 6 spots left

Mixed 4.5 We have only 1 spot left.

Contact Mike Wood by email at woodro@me.com or on my cell 778-931-0051 to get a registration form.  They are also on the Penticton Pickleball website.