Differences in tournament balls.

Both the Onix Pure 2 and Durafast 40 are the balls being used for tournaments.   Some of us played in one tournament with the Onix Pure 2 and didn't check to see what the next tournament a few days later was using.   Unfortunately for us it was the Durafast 40 and several of our balls in the first game went long or high with a subsequent loss to the opponents.  

So check the first page of the tournament info to see what ball they are using for the tournament, then practice with it in the days preceding the tournament.


Jugs bulldog pickleball now sanctioned if conditioned.

The USAPA just sent out an e-mail stating that the Jugs Bulldog Pickleball is now sanctioned if it is conditioned.

What does conditioning mean?  It means compressing a brand new ball before it is used in a tournament.  Apparently you can do this yourself by playing with it a few times; or you can use your thumb and press the ball in 1/2 inch 5 or 6 times in over 16 areas, this would add up to a total of almost 100 indentations before the ball is playable, that is, if your thumb lasts that long; or you can roll the ball in a towel and massage it with the weight of your feet for a few minutes. source

"The USAPA is working with the manufacturers to eliminate conditioning beyond 2017. Companies manufacturing balls that require conditioning have agreed to pre-condition these balls this year when used in sanctioned tournaments. Details will be provided in the upcoming article: "The Future of Conditioning." Look for this in the next issue of Pickleball Magazine."